Pahgosa Cleansing & Wellness Center - Changing your life force one detox at a time.
        Let us change your life force one detox at a time

 At Pahgosa Cleansing & Wellness Center, you the client, are our number one priority. 
Owner and operator, Donna McElreath, Advanced Level 3 (I-ACT) certified Colon Hydrotherapist.
Working in the colon hydrotherapy field for the last 10 years, I will honor your privacy and dignity with the utmost highest respect.
How It Works
Your first time 
visiting Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness Center you will fill out our health and nutrition form.  We will go over this information in a consultation before you receive your colon hydration.   We will discuss different nutritional principals such as Food Combining and the Blood Type Diet along with keeping the body from becoming acidic by eating alkalized foods.
This is just a few of the nutritional information that will be
 discussed. We also have hand outs detailing this information.

 Expect to be at Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness Center for
 your first colon hydration about 2 to 2 1/2 hours. This will give
us plenty of time for nutritional discussions and questions 
you might have about your colon hydrotherapy.  We ask that
you do not eat or drink anything 2 - 3 hours before your visit.
When you call to make your appointment we will discuss other 
ways to prepare your body before receiving your colon hydration.

 First Visit                                      $75                         
Regular  visits                                                              $75
You are always allowed 1 1/2 hours between
appointments as we never want you to feel
rushed with this most sacred cleansing.   

As with all our colonics, we use the purest Young Living essential oils
 for their calming effects.
Ionic Footbaths                                                        $35
Enjoy a 35 minute energetic foot bath letting cells
dump their toxins into the lymphatic system which
is then released into the water. 
Vibrational Chakra Cleansing with                          $50
Soma Energetic Tuning Forks         
We store life experiences as energy patterns.
Some of those experiences, especially negative ones, 
create blockages that interrupt the free flow of energy
in our lives and our bodies.  Free up blocked energy allowing space     
 for a higher vibration and consciousness.  
Sessions are usually 45 - 60 minutes long and 
conducted fully clothed.
Reiki     3rd Degree Practitioner                                    $60
This is a form of relaxation and healing

Lymphatic Fluid Reduction                                         $95                     
 A licensed massage therapist comes in to perform a
Manual Lymphatic massage. A therapy in which
a range of specialized and gentle rhythmic pumping
techniques are used to move the skin in the direction
of the lymph flow to help boost the immune system.
A toxic, sluggish lymphatic system is at the core of the
fluid retention, muscle soreness and generalized
inflammation experienced by many people.

Please give me a call to set up an appointment - 501*352*7731 
5000 J.F.K. Blvd. Suite F
North little rock, ark
Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM  Will work with your schedule
Sat: 10AM - 3PM
Sun: Closed
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