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Colon Hydrotherapy: Fact & Fiction

For a lot of people, when they hear the word 'colonic' they immediately think 'enema'. And then they cringe. But the truth is, colonics have come a long way since the Greeks and Egyptians folks, and i...

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The above video will dispel some of the myths about colon hydrotherapy or colonics. Please take time to watch. It is very informative.

Thank you for visiting our site where colon hydrotherapy is our specialty. 

In the Ute/Navajo Indian language, Pahgosa means healing water. At Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness Center we respect and honor the water. At Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness Center we also know the ability it has to cleanse and purify along with giving hydration to the body. At Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness Center we talk about one of the main functions of your colon and that is to hydrate the body down to a cellular level. Many people do not drink enough water to keep themselves hydrated or drink any water at all during their waking hours. Here are signs of dehydration: headaches, irritability, weakness, dizziness, dark urine, nausea, vomiting and cravings for sugar and salt. Some people experience these symptoms on a regular basis but never attribute this to dehydration. Experts agree we need more than the 8 - 8 ounces of water a day. Some people need less. They say to determine the amount of water the body needs every day you would take your body weight and divide it by 2. This will give you the number of ounces of water.

At Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness one of our goals is to educate you on health and wellness especially the large intestine also known as the colon.

Andreas Moritz writes in his book TIMELESS SECRETS OF HEALTH & REJUVENATION "Colonic irrigation is perhaps one of the most effective colon cleaning therapies. Within a short passage of time a colonic can eliminate large amounts of trapped waste that may have taken many years to accumulate". He goes on to say, " A colonic removes not only harmful, toxic waste, but it also tones, hydrates and rejuvenates the colon muscle. In addition colonic irrigation helps restore the colon's natural shape, and stimulates the reflex points that connect the colon with all the parts of the body. Colonic irrigation can also help with emotional problems. It is no coincidence that the transverse colon passes right through the solar plexus, which is the body's emotional center. Most of our unresolved or "undigested" emotional issues are stored in the solar plexus and results in the tightening of the colon muscle. This may slow bowel movement." This is one of the most informational books I have ever read. I highly advise anyone wanting to learn more about health and rejuvenation, read Andreas Moritz's book.

At Pahgosa Cleansing & Wellness our main specialty is Colon Hydrotherapy. We also offer Ionic Foot Baths, Vibrational Chakra Tunings, Reiki, and Nutritional Counseling.

At Pahgosa Cleansing and Wellness we hope you will let us help you experience all we have to offer in colon hydrotherapy and our other healing modalities.

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